Zambia Rich List: Top 10 Richest in 2020

If you are searching for Zambia Rich List then, this article is just for you and you are at the right place; because we after a long hour research we have prepared a list of top ten richest Zambians who are big business tycoon. The entire listed richest Zambian people 2020 have their own business and they all are contributing the economic system of the country. In the below list you can seek the information’s.

10. Charles Milupi

Richest Zambians
Mr. Charles Milupi is newest directorship was with Zal holding limited where he held the position of the “Consulting engineer”. Charles Mulupi is one of the riches people in Zambia and he is also the chairperson of the Kanisha Energy. Charles also owns shares in a number of prestigious organizations such as, Tiiseza Zambia Ltd, Lafarge Cement Company.

9. Andrew Sardanis

Richest Zambians
Andrew Sardanis is another very richest Zambians who worked as a journalist and spent his life in northern Rhodesia, later Zambia. He was a member of the government and legislature. The concept of tourism is changed by this famous Zambian business tycoon. Andrew merged tourism with art of luxurious and wild life living through his property known as Chaminuka village.

8. Satwant Singh

Richest Zambians
He is one the famous Zambian rally driver. He has won the African rally championship 8 times. While on the other hand, Singh is also well settled and successful entrepreneur and businessman. Satwant has collected a decent amount of money from rally sports championship; plus, he had received award from Zambia sports for the tremendous contribution in sports. His net worth is around 198 million dollars.
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