Top 10 Most Beautiful African Actresses in Hollywood

2.Azie Tesfai

Azie may seem like just a Southern California girl, having been raised in LA for the most part. But being a first-generation immigrant whose family hails from and still mostly lives in Ethiopia and Eritrea, she identifies with her East African heritage. She gained popularity on the CW’s “Jane the Virgin” but has stated she had no interest in acting as a Los Angeles youth. Azie has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley. And her business, Fortuned Culture, has helped her make her mark as a philanthropic entrepreneur.

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1, Charlize Theron (Top 10 Most Beautiful African Actresses in Hollywood)

Top 10 Most Beautiful African Actresses in Hollywood

With legs a mile long, a bikini ready body, and a sultry smile, this South African goddess has been killing it on the red carpet for years. Theron won a modeling contract at 16 years old and attended ballet school as a teen. This mega movie star known for such films as “The Cider House Rules,” “The Devil’s Advocate“, and “Monster” is also a peace activist, a mom of one, and a spokeswoman for “J’adore” by Christian Dior. What can’t she do? She’s topped everyone’s hottest list at some point in recent years, and we’ve made no exception.

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