Top 10 Billionaires from Cyprus in 2020

5. Alexander Anatolyevich Ponomarenko

Alexander Anatolyevich Ponomarenko (born 1964) is a Cypriot-Russian billionaire businessman who made his fortune in banking, sea ports, commercial real estate and airport construction. Forbes estimates his net worth at $3.3 billion.

In 2016, TPS Avia secured 68% stake in Sheremetyevo Airport and committed to invest US$840 million to upgrade and expand the airport’s infrastructure.

In September 2020, Ponomarenko was named to Kommersant’s list of the top business leaders in Russia. He was among 46 business leaders within a list of the country’s top 1,000 managers chosen by a committee of experts from the Russian Managers Association.

Ponomarenko previously made the list in 2019. He ranked 31st on the Forbes list of “200 Richest Businessmen in Russia” in 2020 and among the top 5 richest Billionaires from Cyprus

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